Weekly Photo Challenge – Blur

Motion blurred photo
Impressionistic blur

Unintentional image blur. Thought it was destined for the trash. On second thought…  Impressionism at an art museum! Quelle surprise!


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Blur”

    1. Thanks, Tim. In an oblique way, this image is a side result of pursuing some other images inspired by your recent museum postings! Some of these may show up on this blog eventually. BTW, I think your escalator would be a good post for the challenge.


      1. Part of the the creative process of contemporary photography is having the freedom to manipulate images to the extreme. I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with.
        Yes I agree with you I posted the escalator image before realizing the theme. I’ve got an image I’ll publish that was taken here.


  1. Glad to see this!! As someone who started out as a painter, I really like painterly photography. I seldom post it—though if every week was “blur” week, I’d do so more often! (I guess I could personally declare every week blur week—it does go by that way, afterall!)

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