A Blood Moon and the Milky Way

Photos I took during the full moon lunar eclipse September 27, 2015. This moon is also a ‘supermoon‘ because the moon is at its closest approach to earth (the orbital perigee). The blood red color of the eclipse is because the sunlight refracted around the earth lighting the moon has had all but the reddish colors ‘filtered’ out and is often called a blood moon. The next one of these supermoon blood moons will occur in 2033.

Blood moon and tree

Blood moon

Milky Way

Weekly Photo Challenge – Change


“What does change look like to you?” was the question posed and the image above is what immediately came to mind. Well, it is change in one part of the world but we were also asked, “This week, show us a change in progress.” OK, the next image is definitely change in progress 🙂 .

Baby diaper change
Change in progress

Weekly Photo Challenge – Grid

K & E graph paper
K & E grid

Remember these grids? Old fashioned graph paper. This one, in particular, is a bit of historical artifact, made by the drafting instrument and supplies company, Keuffel and Esser. Calculators and computers basically made the products of K & E obsolete. (Besides graph papers, K & E also made drafting tools and slide rules.) How ironic this antique should now find use as a WPC image.