18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Rare”

      1. It was *very* sporty. There was an ontourage accompaning the car doing some sort of photo shoot including a few rather fast passes back and forth on the hightway before heading north. Great sound and look.


    1. For what this car goes for they probably have their own private service station 🙂 . Sounds like you are interested. Let me know when you pick up yours so I get in line for a ride 😉 .


      1. I agree but sometimes people are a bit strange when it comes to maintenance. I used to work for a Citroen garage. We maintained the Citroen-Massarati. One owner complained about his car missing at 60 mph. After the mechanic worked on it he told the owner that it missed a little at about 125 mph. The owner got very upset about his car being driven at that speed. This owner would shift into 5th at 50 mph when it was suppose to be shifted into 5th at about 75 to 90 mph. Lugging down a car like that was not a good idea. And no, I was not the mechanic that worked on those cars. I worked on the 2CVs – closer to my speed.

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    1. Thank you, Marie. What luck for this car to appear at such a nice location. If I wasn’t so surprised I might have tried to continue the luck and bought a lottery ticket that day. Oh well, the car/view was ‘fortune’-ate all by itself 😉 .

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