4 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2017”

  1. On a laptop/desktop computer this post displays an embedded video that can be clicked to play. Looked at with a tablet or mobile device (at least what I’ve tried) the page is a blank screen without the video ‘box’. I’ve reported this to WordPress to see if there is a fix but you can see what I meant to post at the following link:

    (Click the ‘arrow’ on the dark square to play the video.)


    1. From WordPress: embedded shortcode (as done per WordPress support docs) gets a Flash video back from Flickr. If the device does not support Flash no video, just a blank screen. Direct link to video in Flickr works as shown above. Other alternatives are to use YouTube, Vimeo or another service that does video via HTML 5. New year learnings 🙂 .


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