Weekly Photo Challenge – Repurpose

Mobile Mail

Some mailboxes perched on a piece of old farm equipment (some sort of hay equipment, I’d guess). Struck me as ‘mobile mail’ as in take-your-address-with-you-when-you-move sort of thing – just what every mobile home owner needs! Anyway, I photographed this yesterday before I saw that the Photo Challenge topic was repurpose for which this definitely fits. (Really! Cue up the Twilight Zone music 😉 .)

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Repurpose”

    1. Well… Creative, yes! But there are wheels and a tow-bar out the back so I’m not so sure about preventing someone determined from ‘borrowing’ the boxes. Maybe the extra effort required would be deterrent enough, though. And thanks for commenting. Your dolls are cute!

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      1. Haha thanks.

        I just imagined the wheels weren’t able to turn due to rust. My grandfather was a dedicated prankster, I’m afraid I’m not much for it. I doubt the extra effort would have deterred him.

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