4 thoughts on “Dots a boidy!”

    1. Yeah, it did. And I thought I might get an interesting perspective from a ground level view, too. The bird was an unexpected addition. It just landed when I clicked the shutter (thanks, birdie 🙂 ). All in all, though, I still like the repeating pattern, color and shadows of your image. It is really quite good.

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      1. Rawls, the bird was a nice addition. The subject might need more walk around work. I think there is more there. Mine is an interesting subject with the colors but I think it’s just a study in color, texture and shadow. Thank you though.

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      2. You are probably right. Everyone of these I recall seeing where you are are the plastic kind. There is a place here where they are all metal. Some possibilities, esp. with early morning or late afternoon shadows. Lots of people, too. You would be in your element for street photography.


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