Cactus Flowers before and after Redux – B&W

Vibrant Cactus Flowers in monochrome
Spent Cactus Flowers in monochrome

Allan of sweet ohm CA suggested a black and white treatment of the cactus flowers in my previous post might look good. Sounded interesting so here’s a re-do.


Weekly Photo Challenge – 2017 Favorites

Gingerbread Royal Children’s Hospital

“To celebrate the end of the year share the most meaningful photo you’ve taken in 2017.” For many reasons the place represented in this photo has a lot of meaning for me. That it is done in gingerbread is just that much sweeter. Here’s hoping you, too, have had good memories of special places or times in 2017.

Australian Walking Stick

Australian walking stick

Female Australian walking stick (extatosoma tiaratum). To avoid predators this docile insect is camouflaged to look like leaves and if threatened, will curl its tail to mimic a scorpion. The one shown here, subject of the last post, is now back in her terrarium happy to munch on eucalyptus leaves.

Cactus Flowers before and after

Vibrant Cactus Flowers
Spent Cactus Flowers

The first image is of impressive cactus flowers captured in the morning. The second, a scant few hours later, is of the same flowers that afternoon. What an amazing change in so short a time.