Cactus Flowers before and after

Vibrant Cactus Flowers
Spent Cactus Flowers

The first image is of impressive cactus flowers captured in the morning. The second, a scant few hours later, is of the same flowers that afternoon. What an amazing change in so short a time.

11 thoughts on “Cactus Flowers before and after”

  1. Beautiful photos, RX. The second one would be interesting in B&W, but it is so full of color it might be a detriment. The lighting in both images is quite smooth and soft—very soothing for the viewer.

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    1. Thank you, Allan. I was attracted to the soft look and colors, too. And also to the fact these flowers were on two long stalks (seeking light, I guess) and quite large compared to the rather scrany cactus they sprouted from (not shown 😉 ). I’ll have to see what B&W does. Thanks for the suggestion.

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    1. Thanks, Tim. The cactus is in the yard where I am at. A day before they were buds. The next morning I was told, “Go out now. They are in full bloom”. Was out again later that day and took another look. What a surprise. Glad I listened to the earlier advice!


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