Super Blue Blood Moon

January 29, 2018 an almost full moon shines through a light mist. Will it be clear for the full moon and eclipse?
Blue moon over a weather vane.
Blue moon over a grain elevator.

Two images taken January 30, 2018 of an essentially full moon: the super blue moon (super = when a full moon is at a closest approach to Earth; blue = second full moon in the same month).

Total lunar eclipse series, January 31, 2018.

The last image: a super blue blood moon 🙂


14 thoughts on “Super Blue Blood Moon”

    1. Thank you, Allan! The first 3 were in the early evening (5 – 6 pm) while there was still enough residual light from the just set sun. For the last one I was up at 4 am (groan) and was able to get images up to the maximum of the eclipse (about 5:30 am). Shortly after that the moon moved down the sky into fog and clouds, stopping any more photography (for me, anyway).


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