Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide

Reversed ‘Virtual Tour’

You know those ‘virtual tours’ where your point of view is from the center with you looking out at the subject as if it was wrapped around you? Well this time your ‘Tour Guide‘ has done the reverse: a full 360° set of views of a park gazebo from the outside looking in to give you an impression of all sides at once.

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour Guide”

      1. Good morning, RX. Off the top of my head I know that I have a multiple-exposure Pak in my Hipstamatic app that can take more than 2 exposures if I keep re-cocking it after each shot. I have done as many as 3 exposures this way and then had to do some editing because details were blown out by the third exposure. I did eventually get some useable images. I’ll check some of my other apps and see what I can find out.

        Happy Saturday,

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