LAPC #34: Close-Up

Close-up of the back of an electic fan.
Metal Flower

Ann-Christine’s challenge for us is “close-up”. She says even camera phones will do. Hmmm. OK, here is a ‘what-the-heck-is-it’ camera phone close-up. (Looks like a metal flower to me πŸ™‚ .)

12 thoughts on “LAPC #34: Close-Up”

    1. Or something… OK. Good imagination but it is not a mike (although I agree it kind of looks like one). My ‘inspiration’ for this image (perspiration?) may have come from the weather here: another heat wave heading for triple digits 😱! (Imagine your muse will be a bit different with more storms and rain coming – great for those dramatic B&Ws you’ve been doing.) Cheers!

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    1. Thanks, Ann-Christine! And, ta-da, *you* are the winner!!! Yes, *some* kind of fan. Actually, it is the back of a floor fan (much needed at the moment): these are the vents for the motor. Good guess! Sorry I don’t have something (ahem) cool to give as a prize πŸ˜‰ . And thanks again for the challenge!


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