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Lens-Artists Challenge #40 – Something Different

Long exposure from IOS 'Live Photo'.
Camera phone long exposure

Tina has challenged us to do ‘something different‘. Hmm. OK, I thought I’d try something new to me using a phone camera and share how it was done. Newer Apple phones have a feature called ‘Live Photo’ in which a photo is actually a frame from a short video. The fun thing you can do is choose some ‘special effects’ with this. One of these is a ‘long exposure’ and the above photo is an example. So, if you have an iPhone with this feature, give it a try. Take a Live photo of some moving subject – hold the phone steady for a few seconds after clicking the shutter to keep the still items in focus. Then ‘swipe’ the photo up and choose from the options for the special effect. 😎

In the Distance

Looking down the road.
Looking down the road.

Peering down the road, you can just make out a lone cyclist in the distance.

My take on Cee’s challenge this week as well as the Which Way one.