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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Letters K or L

Backlit silver torch

L is for light (backlighting, to be specific) and K is for kaktus (er, in German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, … you get the idea 😉 ).

More monochrome Ls and Ks.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Atop

Sun Ring

A sun ring (a.k.a., a 22-degree halo) forms an halo around a palm tree. Some refer to these as sun dogs but that is only true if bright spots (the ‘dogs’) appear on the ring usually to the left and right. Both form when sunlight refracts off ice crystals high in the sky to produce a rainbow like ring. They are often a harbringer of rain (and indeed, today, a day later, it has rained).

(And this ring appears to be atop the palm, so it is my entry for this week’s Photo Challenge.)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Against the Odds

Brazen gulls on the car hood seen through the windshield
Same brazen gulls on the car hood after getting out of the car

Pulled in to park and, almost before stopping, a gull plopped itself on the hood. As unlikely as this was, a second one joined the party within seconds. And there they sat, staring intently at me. (I think they were interested in a handout, despite the signs admonishing ‘Do not feed the animals!”) Quickly, before they hopped off, I took a photo through the windshield. I need not have rushed. When I opened the door and got out  these birds did not budge an millimeter. So I took the second photo. But, as odd as this was, who would have thought all this would occur just a couple of days before this week’s challenge topic? And further, what are the odds that a couple of challenges ago (Repurpose) I essentially had the same experience – take photo that fit the topic right before knowing the topic. Surely against the odds! (Hmm. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket 😉 )