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A Bridge of Curves

“Flemington Bridge”

These curves are actually a sound barrier (or sound tunnel) on the City Link in the Melbourne, AU, suburb Flemington. My caption is a reference to the nearby railway station, Flemington Bridge, although, to me, it kind of looks like a cheese grater. Fitting, perhaps, since the yellow beam “Cheesestick” – part of Melbourne International Gateway – is close by.

Pepper curves

market display of bell peppers in fanciful curved stacks
Pepper curves.

I did a double take when I saw the pepper image in Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Any Kind Geometric Shape. Almost a year earlier I had taken a photo of a very similar pepper display in a market. In black and white, even. My image was done quite a bit closer so I’m not sure if it fits the ‘any kind of geometric shape’ of the challenge (well, OK, it has curves) but it is an interesting coincidence. Reason enough for me to share ­čÖé .

Country Road

Country Road

Cee is looking for a road. Any road. As long as it is done up as a black and white. And *everybody* has a road photo or two, me┬áincluded.┬áAnd mine┬áis already in black and white. So I thought I’d join the crowd XD. And check out those other roads: