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Weekly Photo Challenge – Jubilant

Toms Skujints winning a bicycle race.
Jubilant Toms Skujints.

Toms Skujins is definitely jubilant having made a brilliant breakaway ride capped with winning an uphill sprint after 135 miles and 13,000 feet of mountain climbing!

(Photographed TV image made while zooming the lens during the exposure.)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Circle

Alas, I have had no opportunities to photograph one of those most elusive constructs so apropos to this week’s challenge, a crop circle. So, in lieu, I submit for your consideration a couple of little planets found today in the circle of our own local group.

stereographic projection photo of a park
Park planet
stereographic projection photo of houses
Neighborhood circle

For more really excellent planets take a look at this  photographyblogger post and the Flickr stereographic pool. A tutorial for making these can be found on the photojojo blog.