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Lens-Artists Challenge #40 – Something Different

Long exposure from IOS 'Live Photo'.
Camera phone long exposure

Tina has challenged us to do ‘something different‘. Hmm. OK, I thought I’d try something new to me using a phone camera and share how it was done. Newer Apple phones have a feature called ‘Live Photo’ in which a photo is actually a frame from a short video. The fun thing you can do is choose some ‘special effects’ with this. One of these is a ‘long exposure’ and the above photo is an example. So, if you have an iPhone with this feature, give it a try. Take a Live photo of some moving subject – hold the phone steady for a few seconds after clicking the shutter to keep the still items in focus. Then ‘swipe’ the photo up and choose from the options for the special effect. 😎

Tokyo Cityscape, LAPC #29

Tokyo cityscape

Stretching as far as one can see, part of the Tokyo cityscape from the Tokyo Skytree. Most awesome, it looks like this in all directions and gives an amazing perspective on the 13.8 million inhabitants of this metropolis.

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