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A Blood Moon and the Milky Way

Photos I took during the full moon lunar eclipse September 27, 2015. This moon is also a ‘supermoon‘ because the moon is at its closest approach to earth (the orbital perigee). The blood red color of the eclipse is because the sunlight refracted around the earth lighting the moon has had all but the reddish colors ‘filtered’ out and is often called a blood moon. The next one of these supermoon blood moons will occur in 2033.

Blood moon and tree

Blood moon

Milky Way

Milky Way, Sonoma County, CA, USA


August 11, 2015
Gave a try at getting a Milky Way image. (Tim, the forecast clouds held off 🙂 ) There may be a few Perseid meteors in the Milky Way region (short, faint streaks).
24 mm, 20 sec, f/2.8, ISO 1600

(Small revision. Actual photo site is in Marin County just a few hundred yards from its border with Sonoma County.)