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Like a Bat Out of…

Like a bat out of…

Ford Model A ‘flying quail’ hood ornament framed by painted flames on the car hood.

Hmm. I did this post just a couple of days before this week’s photo challenge, focus. Well, it fits so I’m going to ‘reuse’ it 🙂 .

Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitude

Ford 5-AT-B Tri-Motor

Solitude in the sky in a vintage airplane.

EAA’s Ford 5-AT-B Tri-Motor “City of Wichita”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Grid

K & E graph paper
K & E grid

Remember these grids? Old fashioned graph paper. This one, in particular, is a bit of historical artifact, made by the drafting instrument and supplies company, Keuffel and Esser. Calculators and computers basically made the products of K & E obsolete. (Besides graph papers, K & E also made drafting tools and slide rules.) How ironic this antique should now find use as a WPC image.