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Weekly Photo Challenge – Numbers

Number 42
This is, of course, the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything.  But you might be surprised the number 42 is more interesting than even that.
And for numbers of even greater controversy, take a look at the Countdown Machine.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Admiration


I have it for the authors who have left us with and continue to give us an incredible bounty of literature, poetry, history, philosophy, science, art, and more. The list is endless.

I have it, too, for the objects themselves in all their myriad forms. Hardbacks, paperbacks, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, art books, text books, plain covers, colorful covers, large editions, small editions…even the electronic counterparts.

And, today being Independent Bookstore Day (at least in the US but perhaps this can be global one day), I admire those brick-and-mortar bookstores that have learned how to coexist with the Internet onslaught and thrive still.

Independent Bookstore Day

Country Road

Country Road

Cee is looking for a road. Any road. As long as it is done up as a black and white. And *everybody* has a road photo or two, me included. And mine is already in black and white. So I thought I’d join the crowd XD. And check out those other roads: