Weekly Photo Challenge – Variations on a Theme

Years ago I did a project: one subject (flag pole), one focal length (28 mm), one *roll* of film (36 exposures), a different image for each exposure. Obviously a variation on a theme.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Names (Again!)

Michelle says, “This week, share a photo that includes a name… there are possibilities everywhere.” Indeed there are. A few minutes walking about a food market yielded this collection of amusing, whimsical and even provocative names.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Ornate

“…elaborate or showy…”

My usual preference for the Weekly Photo Challenge is a single image but this time I thought I’d be recursively ornate.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Today Was a Good Day

Was introduced to a new place to hike. Started out overcast but ended in brilliant sun. Lovely oaks, wide meadows, panoramic views. A very good day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Orange

A day of orange (it’s everywhere!) I kind of went bananas, er, oranges 😉

Even more orange.