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Cactus Flowers before and after Redux – B&W

Vibrant Cactus Flowers in monochrome
Spent Cactus Flowers in monochrome

Allan of sweet ohm CA suggested a black and white treatment of the cactus flowers in my previous post might look good. Sounded interesting so here’s a re-do.



Cactus Flowers before and after

Vibrant Cactus Flowers
Spent Cactus Flowers

The first image is of impressive cactus flowers captured in the morning. The second, a scant few hours later, is of the same flowers that afternoon. What an amazing change in so short a time.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Scale

18 grams water in a glass on a scale
18 g water

Erica says, “Have some fun with perspective and show just how big, or little, the world can seem.”

No, this is not about a glass of water sitting on a scale. Rather, it is about your point of view. From one perspective this glass contains just a little water. Eighteen grams to be exact. Little, yes? But from a different perspective, it contains something enormous: more than 1023 water molecules. Scale. All depends on how you look at it.